Chinese students coming to Kirkland!

The non-profit organization Educational Homestay Programs is searching for host families for Chinese students who will be coming to Kirkland in two different programs July 16-August 4 and July 23-August 11!

EF Educational Homestay Programs is a non-profit division of Education First (EF).  Founded in 1965, EF's mission is to break down barriers of language, culture and geography.  We have been a non-profit since 1979 and have arranged escorted group travel to the United States for thousands of international students.  We bring students from other countries that want to improve their English language skills, make lifelong friendships and travel abroad to learn about the culture of their hosting community.

• 18 students from China ages 10-14 will be coming to Kirkland from July 16-August 4.

• 18 students from China ages 14-18 will be coming to Kirkland from July 23-August 11. 

• The Chinese students take classes and local field trips every Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. Perfect if you work full-time!

• The students' English classes will be held at Northwest University and they will need to be dropped off and picked up from this location in the mornings and evenings.

• Students bring their own spending money, have roundtrip airline tickets, and are fully insured.

• If you are able to provide a bed (shared rooms are ok!), an extra plate at the table, transportation to and from the EF course center a short drive from your house, and most importantly a stable, caring environment, then you have what it takes to share your life with an eager student from abroad!

Please contact Christie at (781) 291-9592 or cgoyette@elon.edu if you are interested in opening your home to a Chinese student for just a few weeks this summer!


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