Join the Summerfest Crew for the 4th of July Parade

Last year's 4th of July Parade. Patch file photo.
Last year's 4th of July Parade. Patch file photo.
Summerfest , our community's summer celebration event, will take place on Aug. 9, 10 and 11 in downtown Kirkland.  We are putting together a group to walk in the 4th of July parade and would love to have you join us.  We will walk behind a banner saying "Summerfest".  We will be holding signs that tell all the events we will have at Summerfest as well as carrying balloons and streamers.  We will be dressed in jeans and brightly colored t-shirts.

We  line up at 10:30 (this in itself is fun).  The parade starts at noon and lasts one hour.

If you sign up to join us, I will send you the details of where we will line up.  Please bring friends, neighbors, kids, etc. and let me know (email scon1965@hotmail.com) if you will be there!
Many thanks,  I'm hoping you can be one of the 30!
Sue Contreras


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