American Academy of Pediatrics Changes Stance on Circumcision

The group says that medical insurers should pay for the procedure.

Even as the circumcision rate for newborn baby boys in the United States reaches its lowest level in decades, the American Academy of Pediatrics reported Monday that the health benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks. It’s the first time that the influential medical group has updated its circumcision policy since 1999. The academy said that medical insurers should cover the procedure.  

A review of medical literature published Monday in the journal "Pediatrics" finds that circumcision may protect heterosexual men against HIV infection. The policy shift comes as circumcision becomes a charged political topic, following a German court ruling in June that circumcision is illegal. Jewish groups are asking the German government to pass legislation that protects the practice

The academy's position does not endorse circumcision, but suggests that it should be an option available to parents, according to an article in the New York Times. 

Circumcision rates range widely across the U.S., with the West having the lowest rate as a region as of 2009, and Washington state the second-lowest rate of circumcision, at 15 percent, according to federal data reported by The Jewish Daily Forward (see the chart on page 4).

What do you think? Should circumcision should be banned, or should parents be allowed to have the choice, as the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests? 

Greyling Gentry August 29, 2012 at 06:13 AM
Nobody ever talks about how much better vaginal sex feels with an intact penis. The foreskin completely protects delicate vaginal tissue from harsh friction and keeps all lubrication where it belongs: inside the female. By contrast, a skinless penis moving in and out dries out the vagina and causes unnecessary wear and tear. Ouch instead of aaah. Another sad fact seldom admitted is the huge percentage of men over 35 who have trouble getting and keeping an erection because of lifelong desensitization. By contrast, intact men seem like teenagers in that department because their nerves haven't been deadened. Sex is perfectly wonderful and brilliant by design, but leave it to weird humans to spoil the fun. Condoms provide almost 100% protection from STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Touting circumcision as an answer to AIDS encourages unprotected sex and is therefore extremely irresponsible. Regardless, genital mutilation is a backwards and barbaric practice that should be shunned by civilized society. I am very disappointed in the American Academy of Pediatrics, but I suspect this has more to do with trying to protect select religious practices than anything rational.


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