Kirkland Ballet Student Studies With Bolshoi in NYC

Clarissa Lambert, 15, is profiled in her hometown newspaper, The Wenatchee World.


Clarissa Lambert, a 15-year-old student at Kirkland’s International School of Classical Ballet now attending a summer intensive program at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in New York City, was profiled last week in her hometown newspaper, The Wenatchee World.

Clarissa, dancing ballet since she was 10, and much of her family moved to Kirkland so she could study with the ISCB’s highly regarded teacher and choreographer Vera Altunina, a native of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Clarissa, who was quoted in a Kirkland Patch story last March about Altunina, told The World that only Russian is spoken at the academy and the instructors are demanding. But she shares a special bond with the other students there. “We’re together all the time, so we connect on a different level,” she said.

For the full Wenatchee World story, click here. For the earlier Kirkland Patch article written by Karen Story, .


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