Bellevue Square Gearing for Expansion

Bellevue Square is setting the stage for expansion on its west garage, according to a city permit application


is setting the stage to add new retail space on the roof of its west garage, according to City of Bellevue documents.

The retail space would exist on the top floor of the west garage -- the garage located on 100th Avenue Northeast that's close to Nordstrom -- according to the city documents. A project vicinity map shows the new structure over both the garage and mall.

The new floor would have about 119,000 square feet of new retail space and new parking space on a new Level D, which would be built over a portion of the existing mall, west drive and parking structure, according to information posted in the city's Development Service's Weekly Permit Bulletin.

The construction would include newly designed parking system, according to the application for Design Review.

Application for Design Review approval to construct an addition of approximately 119,000 gross square feet of retail space to the existing Bellevue Square Mall. The new retail space will be located at the central portion of the west drive of the existing mall on a new Level D which will be over a portion of the existing mall, west drive and parking structure. Additional parking of 375 stalls will be constructed as a new level to the existing west and north-west parking structure. Access to the parking areas will be through the existing parking structure ramp system. New internal parking structure ramps will be installed as a part of this project to reach the upper levels of the parking garage. New landscaping is proposed along portions of 100th Avenue NE.

According to the application materials, the development would provide enough space for 150-200 new retail sales people.


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