Tesla Motoring into Bellevue Square in November

The electric auto maker will open an interactive showroom in Bellevue Square next month.

Tesla Motors is hoping to drive sales of its coming Model S Sedan forward with a new location at in November.

Dan Cronin, a Bellevue resident who will be the assistant manager at the new location, said Tesla’s Bellevue Square store will feature a Tesla floor model that customers can experience firsthand. He said that the store is set to open on Nov. 5.

“We’ll have a static Tesla vehicle plugged in for people to interact with,” Cronin said.

Cronin says the store will be modeled on Tesla’s new retail strategy, which was designed by George Blankenship, the former executive at Apple and The Gap who was in charge of creating the ’ interactive experience. Customers will be able to check out the features of Tesla cars and use interactive features in the store to design their own car. The store will employ seven people initially, Cronin said.

Tesla was founded in 2003 in Palo Alto, Calif., and introduced its Tesla Roadster in 2008. All the cars it produces are electric.

Tesla has other showrooms in mall locations, according to the Denver Post, including one at the Park Meadows mall in Lone Tree, Colorado, and another location in San Jose.

Cronin said he’s not sure yet which model will initially be in the showroom, but once the new Tesla Model S four-door sedan is released next year it will be on the showroom floor, and will be available for test drives at the Bellevue location. The cost of the Model S will start at around $50,000, after tax incentives available for buying high-mileage vehicles, he said. AOL Autos has videos of what it's like to ride this new model of Tesla.

The storefront, on the second floor of Bellevue Square where has been located, is currently under renovation and on track to open. The location at Bellevue Square has advertised the upcoming Tesla store for several weeks.

White House-Black Market has moved to a location on the second floor near Nordstrom.

Bellevue Square has been preparing for an electric vehicle future, recently installing . Home construction companies are beginning to follow suit; recently, Bellevue-based production home builder Quadrant Homes announced that it now will offer electric vehicle charging stations as an option for its buyers. The company says its charging stations are capable of charging a car in four to eight hours. Condo complex also allows homeowners to plug in electric vehicles.

For a sneak peak at what you can expect to see in the new Tesla store, check out this video on GigaOm.



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