HaileyB Wins Best Mom in Kirkland Photo Contest

She sent a cool photo of herself and her Mom and told us just how special her mother is -- Happy Mother's Day!


We know of one young lady in Kirkland who has already done something super special for her Mom as a Mother’s Day gift.

“HaileyB” entered a cool shot in our Mother’s Day photo contest showing herself and her mother with a sled on the snow, we bet from one of last winter’s big storms.

She also told us why her Mom is special: “I have lots of reasons that my mom is the Best Mom in Kirkland! She puts my favorite treats in my lunch every day at school, she takes me to riding lessons and horseshows, she takes me to soccer games and practice, and she helps me with my homework when I am stuck. Most of all, she gives me lots of love, helps me through the times when I am sad, and is silly and fun to play with. I love my mom the MOST!”

That is so sweet Hailey! And for that you and your mother win a $25 gift certificate to one of Kirkland Patch’s favorite restaurants, at Carillon Point.

Congratulations, and we wish you and your Mom and wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday. We’ll be in touch.

Next week, Kirkland Patch’s ongoing effort to engage readers continues with a new Readers’ Choice poll: What is the best restaurant in Kirkland for outdoor dining? Kirkland sure has some great spots for dining outside, such as the aforementioned Le Grand, nearby Beach Cafe and Bin on the Lake, along with several downtown -- The Slip, Milagro Cantina, Trellis and more.

We’ve already begun compiling our list, but if you have some nominees, feel free to email the editor at Greg.Johnston@Patch.com.

In the meantime, enjoy your Mother’s Day Weekend!


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