Kirkland's Hope Solo Featured on Documentary' 'Makers'

The face of the Seattle Reign FC is highlighted in a new documentary project celebrating the accomplishments of women. The full series is available to watch online at PBS.org.

From the soccer field to Dancing with the Stars, and now to the documenting of modern women's accomplishments, Kirkland's Hope Solo is featured in a documentary that premiered Tuesday, Feb. 26, on PBS.

Local PBS stations aired Makers, the "remarkable story of the most sweeping social revolution in American history, as women have asserted their rights to a full and fair share of political power, economic opportunity, and personal autonomy. It’s a revolution that has unfolded in public and private, in courts and Congress, in the boardroom and the bedroom, changing not only what the world expects from women, but what women expect from themselves." 

After a tumultuous 2012, Solo recently appeared at a press conference by her new team, the Seattle Reign FC, confident, comfortable and answering as many questions about her personal life as her professional life.

If you missed the premiere, check out Solo's story on Makers.com, a dynamic digital platform produced by filmmakers Dyllan McGee, Betsy West, and Peter Kunhardt, developed by AOL, showcasing hundreds of compelling stories from women of today and tomorrow. AOL is Patch.com's parent company, or watch the full three-hour "Makers" documentary online at PBS.org.


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