Free Metabolic Rejuvenation Seminar

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RSVP to 425-828-0100 or crave@crave-health.com for more information.

Before you can truly move forward with goals of weight loss, lean muscle gain, overall health, etc. you need to start with a clean slate.  This 28-day program involves eating well, support from natural food-based supplements & coaching through the process with a registered dietitian.  This is not a multi-level-marketing scam, a crazy cleanse involving drinking weird things, and doesn't involve any crazy stimulants or ingredients.  Just a natural, safe way to hit the reset button.

What others who have been through the Metabolic Rejuvenation say…

“The food elimination of gluten, eggs, dairy, soy, etc forced me to try many new foods that I would never have tried.  The bonus, besides weight loss, was adding those foods back in and finding out that some food groups definitely did not agree with me and it was easy to feel better and exclude those from my diet as I had already found alternatives.  I have never felt more healthy at the end of the 28 days!” Kathy H.

“Since the age of 6 I have had extremely high cholesterol.  I have tried many statins, exercising and diets. None of them have worked or have been sustained. That is until I tried the metabolic rejuvenation program in June of this year. My cholesterol dropped 100 points. The results were amazing.  My doctors are in disbelief. “ Tyler B.

“While it wasn't the best experience going through it really showed me the effect vitamins have on your body. Even though it was painful I'm glad I did it - I really needed to do this cleanse and restart my system.” Anonymous

“The metabolic kit is probably one of the best things I could have done for myself. Since I can remember I would have horrible stomachaches that would be so bad it would force me to stay home from class or school, affecting my everyday life. After a few weeks on the metabolic detox I found my stomachaches were becoming less frequent. Since doing the metabolic detox my stomachaches have gone away completely, and I have found I am undiagnosed celiac. I still continue the diet and it has been 7 months since I was last sick. I would encourage everyone to try it, and see what you find out about yourself.” Amanda H.


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