Potala proposes 227,961 sq ft massive building on 1.2 acres.  Compare this and you'll find it is 43% LARGER than the 158,502  gross sq ft of Kirkland's Costco which is on 15 acres.

Can anyone seriously believe this won't stick out like a giant box.  For perspective , the condos next door are two buildings that are 3,500 sq ft.  

Potala will be 65 TIMES the sq ft of its neighbors!!!
sven goldmanis June 27, 2013 at 03:21 PM
The size and scope is determined by the zoning laws that are passed by the city. This is of no surprise.. The city cannot have a law then decide that we will change it at a moments notice.. the property in question was probably bought based on the unit count. this is what creates it's value.. saying you cannot build what is the zoning law is a no no in the eyes of the law... does not matter what the size is that your trying to convey to the readers.. it is the zoning law that applies in this case...
Wreckless Development June 28, 2013 at 01:50 AM
Not sure if you are aware, but developer was given other developmental regulations, passed by city ordinance (local law) and was told for two years that those regulations also applied to these parcels. So no one changed the rules. He may have chosen to ignore them, but they were provided, in writing.


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