Heritage Budgt Park Rally

This rally hel on 6/19 misrepresents what is in the Senate budget.  By now many in our community have heard on the radio adds, TV, and telemarketing calls, that the State Senate majority budget is weak on schools and criticizes Senators Andy Hill, Tom and Sheldon.  This is being done first by special interest groups, House and Senate democrats, and our Governor.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The attached link discusses the budgets and the Senate majority budget actually spends 100 Million more on education.  The Senate budget also eliminates the deficit in 10 years whereas the House majority budget the deficit will increase.  The Senate meets Governor Inslee’s pledge of no tax increases, yet the House majority raises taxes by 1.3 Billion dollars.  Also the State finance office forecasts $2 billion in increased revenue (an alternate word for taxes) over the next two years, further demonstrating the thirst of the house majority for more of the taxpayer’s money.  While there are some concerns about cuts in the Senate budget and maybe things need to be shifted or some small tax increases occur, it is clearly more financially responsible than the House majority.  This can be summarized in the link below.


As for the oil industry loops holes there is really only one to close related to spillage.

To further highlight the House thirst for new revenue, if the Senate majority was the Democratic Party we would now have a new 10 cent per gallon gas tax, up to 1.4 % excise tax on autos, higher car tabs fees to the tune of $100 - 200 a State income and capital gains tax on the ballot, a huge beer tax, and more estate taxes.

In fact this was the same case with the supplemental budget in 2012 per the attached analysis where once again the Republican controlled majority spent more on both basic and higher education. 


So I hope this wakes up the community to write their House


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