Iowa Meat Scammers in Kirkland!

Iowa Meats : This company is driving up and down the streets of Kirkland pedaling meat from the back of their truck. It makes me very sad to see my neighborhood open up their homes and wallets to these scammers. We recently had an attempted break in in the neighborhood, and my neighbors don't realize these are the ways people case our homes to come back later and try to break in. After I saw them down the street and selling to an unknown neighbor in their driveway, they came up to my home two days later and ignored my "No Soliciting" sign next to my doorbell, and knocked so loudly on my screen door, that it popped open. My two dogs went ballistic. The guy went running away from the door, but stood in my front yard yelling toward the door that he had steaks to sell me at a huge discount. Why isn't this illegal?
Kevin June 14, 2013 at 09:34 AM
In the City of Kirkland you need a City-issued business license to do Door-to-door solicitation. I am willing to bet they did not have the license. Call the police next time.


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