Letter: Proposition 2 a Wise Investment in Kirkland's Extraordinary Parks

Lynn Stokesbary of Kirkland says voters today need to have the same vision as voters in 1976, '84, '89 and '02.


To the Editor,

Kirkland has distinguished itself from “Anywhere USA” by doing many things the right way, including acquiring and developing an extraordinary system of parks and open spaces. This didn’t happen by accident. It took the hard work and vision of determined citizens, elected and appointed officials, city staff, and the support of Kirkland voters.  In 1976, 1984, 1989, and in 2002 parks funding measures were passed by voters to help create this wonderful legacy of parks that are inextricably linked to our quality of life.

Voters had the foresight to save properties from development, including many of our park treasures on Kirkland’s waterfront, the 110-acre Juanita Bay Park, and Heritage Park with its broad vistas of Lake Washington, Seattle, and the Olympic Mountains.  Voters had the foresight to develop community parks such as Everest and Crestwoods and enter into partnerships with the Lake Washington School District to upgrade sports fields and other community uses for youth and adults. Voters also had the foresight to create new parks and save critical open spaces in under-served areas of the city. 

It is time to make another investment in our parks system.  It is our turn to have the same foresight that voters had in passing previous park funding measures.  Proposition 2 is a product of a thoughtful and hard working 50-member citizens committee that spent several months to consider and make recommendations for further park funding needs.  Proposition 2 represents the most pressing needs in our parks system to maintain, restore and enhance our parks and facilities.  It’s a wise and sound investment in the future of our parks system and quality of life that we all enjoy. 

Vote YES! For Great Kirkland Parks.

-Lynn Stokesbary, Kirkland


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