Wreckless Development

Kirkland should also be protecting the bald eagles, HOWEVER, is allowing gigantic building to be built in the state shoreline of statewide significance that will remove trees used by local neighborhood bald eagle.

The scoping meeting for Potala Village had an agreement between the city, the wildlife consultant and the neighbors wherein the wildlife consultant was advised that, while no nest, the trees on Potala site were areas used by the eagle for roosting, perching and the like. It was agreed that the environmental study would include interviews with neighbors, gathering of the neighbor pictures and videos and evaluating the site.

Instead the developer asked that the cost of the EIS be less. The EIS was re-scoped down 15-20% in cost and environmental studies and wildlife studies were removed. This was done outside of the public process, not with public concurrence. Only general statements were then put into the EIS that claimed the bald eagle were probably using the cottonwoods in Marsh Park. There has not been one neighbor commenting about ever seeing use of the cottonwoods, so rather bizarre that some author would claim that to be true.

What is an "Environmental Impact" study that removes the promised Environmental Review and Wildlife Review? And this is in our "protected" shoreline of the state.


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