Bellevue Police Investigate Officers for Taunting, Littering Before Seahawks Game

Bellevue police officers are under investigation for off-duty behavior, after Seattle police say that several officers taunted a police officer and littered before last Sunday's Seahawks game, The Seattle Times reported.

Bellevue police officers are under investigation for off-duty behavior, after Seattle police say that several officers taunted a police officer and littered at last Sunday's Seahawks game, The Seattle Times reported.

According to the Seattle Times' report, an on-duty Seattle police officer approached a group of three outside CenturyLink Stadium before the game to ask that they throw away an empty beer cup that one of them had dropped on the ground.

A Seattle police Assistant Chief Jim Pugel told the Times that two members of the group identified themseleves as Bellevue police officers and called the Seattle officer names.

Another officer who saw the incident called for backup, according to the report. The group then taunted the sergeant and lieutentant who responded, according to the report.

According to Seattle police, no Seattle report was filed because no crime was committed, but Pugel told the Times that he reported the incident to Bellevue Chief Linda Pillo, who has said that she ordered the department's Office of Professional Standards to investigate.

According to the statement, Pillo personally called the Seattle officer to apologize, and said she was disappointed in the behavior of the officers. 

The Times called for a swift investigation and an apology from the off-duty Bellevue officers. What do you think? Does this incident affect how you feel about the Bellevue Police Department? 

police training September 22, 2012 at 05:39 AM
For at least 20 years, the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission has taught all new officers professionalism. This explicitly includes teaching NOT to flash the badge to get out of speeding tickets or other indiscretions. However, I have seen dozens of officers do this, including some wives of officers, resulting in not being cited for serious speeding violations. The more serious incidents, such as domestic violence, still result in enforcement action, but traffic violations and public drinking is generally not enforced. I have even seen officers apologize for pulling over a speeding vehicle after being 'flashed a badge' by the driver. I am an advocate of strong police powers to enforce laws that protect the public and by the same token, those enforcing the laws must be fair and just. Decision making is of utmost importance as the word of an officer is gold compared to the word of any citizen. The application of physical force, especially that of deadly force, must be reasonable and necessary, but we as a people, willingly give that authority to law enforcement. It is when this authority is abused for personal gain or nefarious intentions, as it appears to have happened in this instance, that the public should not accept anything less than separation from the badge.
Tu-Ha Nguyen September 22, 2012 at 05:35 PM
Several things in no specific order: (a) Dear Police Training: Thank you for your thoughtful and eloquent writing. Your words educated me and opened my eyes about "flashing a badge." (b) I come from a long line of people who served in the military or served their community with great honor. There are some professions that require off duty behavior to be just as polished as on duty behavior. Have always believed that there are only a few professions left in this world like teaching, fire/paramedics, police officers, etc that must hold a great sense of HONOR in conduct and more. It is unfortunate that these few drunk men make a greater circle of police officers look bad. Growing up on The Eastside of Seattle, I remember great programs like "Officer Friendly" and "My Pal, the Police Officer." I still have Seattle Super Sonic basketball cards that the officers used to give out to kids in the late 70's. It was an outstanding PR program. It is too bad that these drunk guys made many errors in judgments. It clearly tells us that they will do similar things while on duty. ALL INDUSTRIES (not just the police) SHOULD ERADICATE THESE VARMINTS from their ranks. 
Tu-Ha Nguyen September 22, 2012 at 05:38 PM
(c) To the Edmonds, male police officer who was accused a short time back of allegedly raping a woman: I saw your picture in Edmonds Patch. My husband and I met you at Dick's Burgers several weeks before your alleged crime. I inquired about a ride-a-long with Edmonds PD that night we met. Your sick and dastardly behavior made me say, "Thank God, I didn't go for a ride-a-long with any squad cars in Edmonds."  This is another example of why the public has trouble TRUSTING any law enforcement officer. These types of BAD BEHAVIOR tells kids, adults, immigrants and others to be very leery when working with police. (d) I am a graduate of the Lynnwood Police and King County Sheriff's Office, CITIZEN'S ACADEMY program. I highly recommend ALL citizens sign up for this academy so they can learn and understand what TRUE PROFESSIONALISM is all about. The police officers and related professionals (AFIS, etc) who participate in these programs are outstanding and make me proud to call myself a Western WA Citizen who has been graced by their sincere commitment to serving their communities with great honor. 
Tu-Ha Nguyen September 22, 2012 at 05:39 PM
FOLKS, don't let a few varmints fool you. The majority of the officers are good folks who do work in the community like coach sports and lead Girl Scout troops. Lastly, Maybe my grandfather may have said it best, " Honor and trust is everything. Without honor, people do not make money. Business agreements do not happen without trust. If you have no honor and can not be trusted, you should not have a job." 
Bellevue Citizen September 23, 2012 at 09:48 PM
Hopefully, these officers aren't the same officers caught having sex on duty at BPD: http://www.nwcn.com/news/washington/Cops-caught-having-sex-on-duty-on-city-time-106907904.html


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