Interrupted Burglary Suspect Spotted Fleeing and Captured on Finn Hill

Kirkland police apprehended the male suspect Tuesday morning after a homeowner apparently interrupted a burglary in progress on northeast Finn Hill.


Kirkland police captured a residential burglary suspect on Finn Hill Tuesday morning who was apparently interrupted by the homeowner and spotted fleeing by a witness.

Details on exactly how the suspect was caught were not available. But Kirkland Police Department spokesman Lt. Mike Murray said officers were called at about 8:55 a.m. and the suspect was in custody by 9:45 a.m.

“It was an interrupted burglary,” Murray said. “There was a witness that saw the guy running away. We got a positive ID and he was caught, which is good.”

The home was in the 14200 block of 90th Avenue NE on northeast Finn Hill. There were no injuries, and the suspect was taken to the Kirkland City Jail.

While it is unusual for police to capture suspects during or right after a burglary, it happened at least twice last year in Kirkland. Both incidents involved alert witnesses or neighbors who quickly called 9-1-1. For those stories, click here and here.


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