Kirkland Business Seeks Help to Recover Stolen Work Trailer

Family-owned Alloy Wheel Repair said one of its custom-made trailers was stolen from the business's lot in the Totem Lake area, and it is asking for people to keep an eye out for it.

of Kirkland, is asking people to be on the lookout for a unique utility trailer that was stolen from its offices sometime Tuesday night.

The trailer, custom made for the company by Cargo Mate, and the equipment that was inside it, will cost about $60,000 to replace, and it could take the company up to six months to get a new one delivered because it's so specialized. Staff at the business said it would be easily recognizable because of the unique metal paint fume stacks on the front of the trailer.

Even more urgent, though, is the loss of someone's livelihood while the trailer is missing. The company's employees work on commission. Sierra Smith sent Patch this note about the theft:

We are a small, family owned business. My dad owns the franchise, and my two brothers and myself all work here, along with 5 other employees. We are almost complety mobile, so 90% of our business is done out of 6 units just like this. Losing one to a theft like this is pretty devastating, both for us as a business and also for the technician working out of that particular trailer who makes his living on commission.

There are only two trailers like this in this state that I know of, and we own both. They are completely customized for the work we do, so they are easily recognizable, even without our logos all over them.

Any help you can give getting the word out about this would be appreciated greatly, it's hard enough running a small business these days, and things like this are just so disheartening.

Anyone who sees a trailer that resembles this one should contact the Kirkland Police Department at 425-587-3400.


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