Update: Woodinville Fire & Rescue Names Another Interim Chief

The Board of Fire Commissioners for Woodinville Fire & Rescue has selected a new interim chief for the Fire District after interim chief Mark Chubb said he didn't want the job permanently.

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Update 9 a.m. Thursday from Woodinville Fire:

Regarding the permanent replacement, that is a big part of what Interim Chief Risen will begin looking at. It will include what type of process will best match the goals of the Board for the future. 
Chief Risen will remain an employee of Bellevue Fire and be paid his current salary. The contract between Woodinville Fire and the City of Bellevue is to pay Bellevue the cost of Chief Risen's salary and benefits.


Original story:

The Board of Fire Commissioners for Woodinville Fire & Rescue has selected another interim chief for the Fire District. Mark Risen was named as the interim chief at a special meeting Dec. 5.

Risen is currently a deputy fire chief for Bellevue Fire Department and has been with the department since 1983, according to his Facebook page. Woodinville Fire & Rescue has entered into a contract with the City of Bellevue which allows Risen to serve as interim chief in Woodinville for a period of six months. Risen will begin his assignment on Monday, Dec. 17.

The Woodinville Fire chief’s seat became vacant when then chief I. David Daniels and the district entered into a . Daniels’ 19-month tenure in Woodinville was rocky almost from the start, culminating in July 2011 when International Association of Fire Fighters Local 2950 announced a unanimous vote of no confidence in the chief.

Mark Chubb was chosen as interim fire chief of Woodinville Fire & Rescue in August 2011, but he told the board of commissioners in February that he did not want the job permanently. He said at the time that it became clear as interim chief that the District’s fire commissioners and employees faced some very difficult decisions and that he had not succeeded in bringing these issues into sharp focus or bringing everyone together to address them constructively.

Ross Van Vactor December 08, 2012 at 05:25 PM
As an employee of the district and a Woodinville resident, I think you should start attending board meetings and speaking up during public comment time. Being Anon and talking on this blog makes it easy to just talk and not listen. Hope to meet you at the next meeting.
Commissioner Osgood December 08, 2012 at 08:30 PM
Setting the record straight... The only reason a Special Meeting was held on Wednesday morning at 10 am was so the Board could act in a time sensitive manner on two extremely important actionable items. After hours of previous Board deliberation on these items, it was anticipated they would be acted upon on at the Monday night meeting. With the end of the year and holiday season rapidly approaching and Commissioner availability at a minimum, quick action by the Board was necessary. The Special Meeting was originally asked for our regular 5 pm starting time, however, only two Board members could be available. The 10 am meeting time was the only available time for a three member quorum. All Commissioners were advised. The two that could not attend were directed to supply their thoughts, if any, to myself or the Board Secretary to have read on the official Meeting minutes. It can't get any more transparent than that! As an elected representative of this fire department, I openly accept and seek scrutiny of all Board actions. During my tenure, I am convinced in the forthright and genuine efforts of each and every Board member to do what is right for our community. The expectations of this Board and time commitments required of each member to be properly prepared to act in the public's best interest, are at an all-time high. Each of us take this responsibility with the utmost seriousness and respect and are well aware of our collective Board goal in doing the right thing...
Anon December 09, 2012 at 05:50 AM
@ Commissioner Osgood - With all due respect, excuse me if I don't buy the urgency of filling this position on a temporary basis. Hasn't this spot been vacant for more than a year? I have not seen any catastrophic event in the news that warrants rushing to fill the Chief spot on an interim basis and then on a permanent basis. In my view this is either another bad decision by this Board which will cost more that $100,000 to the citizens of Woodinville or maybe this is a way for Mr. Dorney to give his friend (Mr. Risen) the interim Chief post in hopes of turning it into a permanent spot. I thought you had to reduce administrative positions to save money, so why waste money on this temporary fix? Why not just directly hire a permanent Chief by doing a national search which is part of Fire Commioner's role? Is Mark Risen a head hunter or a Deputy Chief? Are you going to run with 2 Deputy Chiefs again after laying off a Deputy position earlier this year?
BBQ Dad December 09, 2012 at 06:31 PM
@Anon- show up to a meeting. Ask these same questions. I've watched the last several meeting and its clear to me why they need to install a competent department head ASAP. I'm glad they've chosen to hire a temporary outside chief to buy some time. The last time the board (Miller, Ransom, Olson, Coughlin and Osgood) rushed and installed a permanent chief we ended up with Daniels, who wrecked the department. Your belief that hiring a temporary chief is a more expensive option ($100,000?) doesn't add up. Permanent or temporary, filling the Chief's position will cost about the same. As to whether Chief Risen and Jim Dorney are friends, if that's true, lets hope he chooses his friends wisely. I'd rather they choose a competent friend than another incompetent stranger.
Anon December 09, 2012 at 07:25 PM
@ BBQ Dad - I work in downtown Seattle and it is impossible to make the 5pm Board meeting, let alone a 10am meeting in middle of the day. On top, when I tried to search on ustream I could not find it. But I've been watching the them pretty regularly and all I've seen is one bad decision after another by the Board, no matter who has been on it. Long standing Board members have to go as a start and anyone on the Board that has a special interest group backing needs to go. Only folks who make decisions in the best interest of citizens should be appointed or elected. Like you said, when the Board has selected someone without an open and competitive selection process, it hasn't worked out. Why would it work out now, and that too as a temporary fix? They have made another bad move, period.


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