Has Your Vote Been Counted? King County Elections Tracks Your Ballot

A wave of late ballots delays King County Elections results on Wednesday, but voters can check the status of their ballots online.

King County Election officials were forced to delay a release of the 2012 General Election results for a few hours on Wednesday evening after amidst a record-high volume of ballots being processed.

Officals laid the blame on an error in ballot scanning machinery that occurred as they tried to cope with a huge influx of late-arriving ballots. While ballots may still be arriving with valid postmarks, King County Elections estimates as of Wednesday afternoon that it has about 985,000 ballots now on hand. This represents about an 84 percent turnout in the general election to date.

More than 132,000 ballots were returned to ballot drop boxes on Monday and Tuesday.

Of ballots received to date, 556,083 were counted and reported last night.

If you mailed in your ballot on Election Day, chances are election officials may not have received your ballot yet — and if they have, they may not have registered it. But voters can always check the county's online Ballot Tracker.

Ballots can take up to four days from the time the ballot is mailed or dropped in a drop box it for it to be verified by election officials.

The ballot tracker updates daily at midnight.

For additional questions or comments, please call the Elections office at 206-296-8683 or contact Elections online.


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