Letter: City Council Should Keep Budget Money in Kirkland

Frequent council critic Bob Style questions expenditures.


Dear Editor,

Perhaps the City Council can tell us again why it’s more beneficial for us to give away one million dollars that we could use to solve our own problems.

Exporting money outside our City instead of paying for what we need doesn't make sense.  Instead of funding flood prevention in the Kent Valley, we could use that money to take care of Totem Lake flooding and help prevent landslides on Lake Street.  Since they benefit the most, Kent and the County need to step up to the plate with more funding.  We need our money.  We're a big city now.

The Council has made some bad budget decisions.  Instead, Citizens had to do the job for them leaving the question open, “Does the Council really represent what the Citizens of Kirkland want?” 

Props 1 and 2 listed the Council failures.  Will their failures to fund City needs continue?  The meetings tonight and on December 11th will tell.

-Robert L. Style, Kirkland


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