Letter: Green Kirkland Volunteer Urges Parks Levy Approval

Ernest Anderson says approval of Proposition 2 will assure future funding for important work underway to restore Kirkland's natural areas.


Dear Editor,

I’m the retired senior who volunteers to track data for the Green Kirkland Partnership. The Partnership uses volunteers to implement its mission, which is to restore Kirkland’s natural area parkland for the benefit of current and future generations. Most of this program’s volunteers get down and dirty digging out invasive species and replanting with native plants. I use my Excel skills to record the restoration work done.

I’ve volunteered more than 1,590 hours for over five years, and continue to serve. In processing the Partnership data, I’ve seen the program grow and gain momentum.  The data reflect a wealth of community effort and city support. I observe the continuous struggle to obtain funding to keep the program going and I am concerned that the program will lose what it has gained if funding is not secured. I urge Kirkland residents to vote Yes on Proposition 2 because it includes funding for the restoration of natural areas.

Ernest Anderson, Kirkland resident since 1969

Robert L. Style October 17, 2012 at 08:04 PM
Kirkland’s park legacy has undesirable consequences. Prop 2 will unnecessarily increase our property taxes. If Council would have done their job, we would have better roads and parks without raising taxes. Out of the City’s budget of $449 million, financing Prop 2 cost less than 1%, well within our existing resources without the need for more taxes. The $3 million they give away each year to outside agencies could have covered the cost not to mention the $12 million dollar surplus they’ve average over the past 20 years. We don’t need an additional tax burden that makes it harder for us to balance our budgets. Prop 2 contains a list of Council failures: a list that by their own admission is proof of their failure to meet the needs of the city. Council’s quest for more taxes can best be described in one word: atrocious. Atrocious is defined as cruel, evil, and brutal. It’s a legacy Council leaves for those who are struggling to balance their budgets especially senior citizens on fixed income.
Paul Hall October 22, 2012 at 10:40 PM
Even if Prop 2 fails, Ernest, your fine work can still be funded.  Park and street maintenance, together with projects like yours, are just being held hostage to coerce voters into also funding major controversial park and street enhancements. The preponderance of levy money is not for normal park and street maintenance. It’s for park and street enhancements. It’s also for the cross Kirkland hike and bike trail, mandated citywide sidewalks, new parkland acquisitions and many other major controversial expenditures. These levies are contrived so that if you vote YES to spend more money on park and street maintenance, you also agree to fund projects you may oppose. These levies also let the city fund other future major projects like these without voter approval. A NO vote makes the city continue to prioritize needs, fund projects like yours, and provide normal park and street maintenance with existing revenue sources. It also makes the city continue to get our approval to spend our money on controversial major park and street projects, now and in the future. The full texts of these levies, and my letter "Prop 1 & 2 are not what they seem" (http://www.kirklandviews.com/archives/33791/, both have information omitted from the voters‘ pamphlet and city promotional material. Please check them out before you vote.  


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