Letter: Now's the Time to Review Elected City Leaders' Decisions

Bob Style lists the issues he has with city council decisions about where Kirkland is going.


Dear Editor,

Now is a good time to review who may be running for re-election next year.  Their decisions will determine whether our quality of life of those who live here will remain the same or will be reduced from what we have now.  Here's what the Council wants to do so far.

  1. Raise taxes our property taxes by putting Prop 1 and 2 on the ballot even though they are not necessary.
  2. Selectively put things on the ballot they think will pass.
  3. Prevent existing residents from voting on annexation allowing the Council to lower our hard earned levels of service by paying more for less.
  4. All neighborhoods to accept high and unlimited density development.  The treatment of Neighborhoods is not standard.
  5. Kirkland to change from being a suburban city to become more like Seattle.
  6. More affordable housing even though we've accepted more than our fair share already compared to the other cities on the east side.
  7. Prohibit the public from challenging the City's method for determining concurrency in order for them to allow for more, greater, and longer lasting traffic jams.
  8. Not to develop the infrastructure necessary to support mass transit.
  9. Only use surveys of their choice that support their decisions rather than using surveys that reflect different public opinions.

They ignored the survey that asked the question on how best to finance the Cross Kirkland Corridor.   We need to change elected officials that don't represent us.  Here's who may be running next year:  Joan McBride, Penny Sweet, Amy Walen, Doreen Marchione.

What they want will go into our memory bank.  Someone once said, "Memory is something that is really hard to change."  Next year we need to remember what they've done and plan to do.

Robert L. Style, Kirkland


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