Letter: Approval of Parks, Roads Levies Would Hurt Those on Fixed Incomes

Props. 1 and 2 opponent Bob Style insists the city has enough money in its budget already to address Kirkland's parks and roads needs.


Dear Editor,

If Props. 1 and 2 pass, property taxes will cost an average home owner another $150 per year, after year, after year.  So the question is for those on fixed incomes, would you rather use the $150 to cover the increase cost of Social Security and Medicare Part B, and Medicare Part D, whose increase is forecast to be as much as 23%?.

For those who have not retired, it's money you can use to pay for the quality of life you choose.   Fixed income people will hurt the most.  I'm one of them.  We will only receive a 1 to 2 % increase in our monthly checks while Kirkland's budget grows at a rate 4 times faster than our cost of living (COLA) allowance.  It's money we need to balance our budgets.

If Prop 1 and 2 pass, it frees up more than $5.35 million, money that is already in their $449 million dollar budget and could have been use to negate the need for Prop 1 & 2.  There's no need for additional taxes.  But Council wants more to spend on other things.   Because the park levy can be used as collateral, it reduces our capability for additional funding.

The Council would like to see the levy amounts to be larger.  But there's only so much we can stand.  Of this you can be sure.  The Council will continue to rob Peter to pay Paul.

Robert L. Style, Kirkland

Margaret Wiggins October 16, 2012 at 05:16 PM
Bob, do you think the annexation of a big chunk of King County with the bribe that Kirkland had lower property taxes, and now that we are in the city, they are cranking up the property taxes to match the county and NOT lowering any of the utility taxes on our monthly bills, taxes the county is not authorized to levy on us? But...the city staff thinks we won't notice? Or worse, think we are easily distracted with shiney parks and pothole filled streets?


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