Letter: Parks Levy Approval Would Carry on Great Work of Green Kirkland

Former Kirkland City Councilwoman and Park Board member Nona Ganz says grant funding supporting Green Kirkland will run out next year, and notes two upcoming restoration events.


Dear Editor,

One of Kirkland’s strengths is its sense of community.  A great example of this is the volunteer work in Kirkland’s nature parks that is hosted by the Green Kirkland Partnership. The work focuses on replacing invasive weeds and shrubs in our parks with Northwest native plants.  Green Kirkland events are fun, make a huge difference and provide a wonderful way for people to “give back” to the community.  Volunteers pride themselves on their accomplishments and gain a sense of ownership of the areas in which they work.

The Green Kirkland Partnership has done a lot with a tiny bit of City funding and with grants.  The problem is that grants are becoming more difficult to find.  Green Kirkland could do more if it had stable funding, which is what Proposition 2, the parks levy, would provide.  That’s why we need to support it.

Consider the next two big restoration events: Juanita Bay Park on Saturday, October 13, and Crestwoods Park on Saturday, November 10.  (See  www.GreenKirkland.org for details and to sign up.)  We are very fortunate to have two private groups sponsoring these events.  The Juanita Bay event is funded by the Robidoux Foundation and the Crestwoods Park event is funded by Pearl Jam - the band -  through the non-profit Forterra (formerly the Cascade Land Conservancy).  We are most grateful for this private support, for we couldn’t organize these events without it. However, these funds will run out next year.  

A long-term, sustainable source of funding is urgently needed for our parks’on-going care and maintenance. That’s why the passage of Proposition 2 on the November ballot is so important. Prop 2 will provide annual funding for the Green Kirkland Partnership.  These funds will then be used to leverage all the community support such as these volunteer work events.  It’s Kirkland at its best!

Working together, we can all make a difference.  Please vote YES on PROP 2.  Thank you!

Nona Ganz, Kirkland

Robert L. Style October 13, 2012 at 11:16 AM
Parks, Prop 2, and Green Kirkland are important. Then why has the Council failed to allocate the funds already available in the City's $449 million dollar budget to support parks, Prop 2 projects, and Green Kirkland. There's no need to raise taxes. All that needs to be done is for the Council to act responsibly. If you don't think they will, then why are they in office? A no vote will prevent higher taxes and force the Council to act responsibly. If they do, we will have the money for parks, negate the need for Prop 2, and keep Kirkland Green. Robert L. Style


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