Pet of the Week: Sheila, Rescued From a Crawl Space With Her Kittens

All five of the kittens have found new homes, but striking and sweet mama Sheila patiently waits.


Sheila is a 1.5-year-old beauty who came to Houghton's last fall --  along with her litter of newborn kittens. A neighbor heard the faint sounds of her mewing kittens coming from the crawl space under a house. One of MEOW's extraordinary volunteers crawled on her belly until she was able to confirm the wee ones and their protective mama. 

Sheila was the perfect, doting mother and raised five beautiful kittens in a foster home. All of the kittens have been adopted, and Sheila is at the shelter waiting for her turn. Sheila has one of the most striking fur patterns we have had the pleasure of seeing.  She is a tortoiseshell with a soft white and orange color saturation on her face, with a black, orange and white coloring on the rest of her body in together, in a brindle-type pattern. So pretty!

Sheila, like most cats, loves being petted, and really loves scratches behind her ears. She is very sweet and good-natured and has lots of kitten antics in her as well.  She's having a ball in the free roaming room at MEOW - lying on a perch by the window, playing with toys, and just taking it easy.  She gets along famously with the other cats and is just a delight.  

If you're searching for a nice, quiet girl, please come and meet Sheila. For more information, see www.meowcatrescue.org or call 425-822-6369.


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