Microsoft Announces Nov. 6 Halo 4 Launch Date

The latest version of the game developed by Kirkland's 343 Industries will come out on the same day as the presidential election.


Microsoft will launch Halo 4, the latest version of its popular Xbox 360 video game -- developed by 343 Industries in Kirkland -- on Nov. 6. Yes, that is the same day as the presidential election.

Microsoft announced the curious launch date this week, generating many conspiracy theories, according to the tech news web site GeekWire. Todd Bishop, one of the two GeekWire founders, speculated that Microsoft picked the date simply because it needed to work around other big fall game launches, and since Tuesdays are the traditional launch day for games.

While many Halo designers and network developers now work at the Microsoft Redmond campus, the company’s Game Studios established “343i,” as it’s called, in Kirkland in 2007 to oversee development of the Halo science fiction franchise -- games, comics, novels, forums and other multimedia content. The name comes from a Halo character “343 Guilty Spark.”

Microsoft called the Halo 4 launch “the dawn of a new trilogy for the Xbox 360.”

GeekWire quoted a Microsoft statement as saying, “We are confident that ‘Halo 4′ will be one of the biggest entertainment launches of the year, and fans will be excited to celebrate the new ‘Halo’ saga and the return of Master Chief on Nov. 6.”

For the GeekWire post, click here.


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