Letter: Dawn McCravey – A Voice We Need

Bothell resident says she'll vote for Dawn McCravey for State Senate in the hope her experience, tenacity and wisdom will improve education and quality of life.


Dear Editor,

We are desperate for change here in the 1st legislative district. Having lived in Bothell for nearly 30 years, we have observed two decades of decline. Despite Rosemary McAuliffe's tenured efforts to “you scratch my political back, I’ll scratch yours”, she has failed to deliver improved education and quality of life for most of us, the tax payers and their dependents. Dawn McCravey has shouldered the task to change the slumping direction we have been going within education. She understands the feet on the ground, which live life in its trenches. The hard work of people who live here should not be futile efforts- throwing their dollars after poor decisions made by their legislators.

Dawn sees the disappointment most of us have expressed through the years in the state government's decisions to: continuously spend money on endless redundant studies, force students to be held accountable to high stakes testing while adults in the system are protected from accountability, narrow the definition and scope of education to what can be "tested", and continuously decrease funding as a percentage of the state budget. 

I've gotten to know Dawn. She is pleasant, knowledgeable, and devoted to bringing out something better for our kids. She has the ability identify what is salient to a problem and rally people to its solution. I get that life is busy and is fuller than full, so we rely on sound bites that we can grab to make busy decisions. People, from all walks of life who meet Dawn, love her and are optimistic for our community again. She not only understands politics but also statesmanship.  

She has proven herself in desperately needed education improvements, protection of environmental gems, and community heart and togetherness. I am voting for Dawn McCravey, State Senate; in hopes that her experience, tenacity and wisdom can make the difference we desperately need for our children and the place they call “home”. 

Jeanne Zornes, Bothell


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