Redmond Man Arrested in Cyclist's Death Has Long History of Traffic Violations

Nathan Godwin pleaded guilty to charges of reckless endangerment in 2005 after excessive speed caused him to crash into the jersey barrier on I-90.

Nathan Jeremie Godwin, the 26-year-old Redmond man who , has an extensive history of traffic violations dating back to 2003.

According to King County District Court records, Godwin has been cited more than 20 times for violations ranging from failure to wear a seatbelt to reckless endangerment.

One of the most serious infractions occurred in 2004, when Godwin crashed his 1999 Honda Civic into the jersey barrier of I-90 in Seattle. Investigators determined Godwin had been traveling at least 90 mph at the time of the crash; a witness said he was racing another vehicle across the freeway, but Godwin denied it.

Godwin pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment and was ordered to pay an $885 fine, serve four days of community service and attend traffic safety school.

In 2005, he was pulled over on Redmond Way for speeding and making rapid, unsignaled lane changes. When the police officer made contact with him, court documents indicate Godwin responded, "Hey, faggot." He also told the officer he had stolen his own car, and received a $202 ticket for not having a front license plate and failing to show his registration.

Five months later, he was pulled over again on Redmond Way, this time for going 55 mph in a 40-mph zone, and reportedly flipped off the police officer who issued him the speeding ticket.

Police say Godwin was intoxicated early Thursday morning when his SUV collided with 36-year-old , an avid cyclist who died at the scene.

Godwin was booked into the King County Jail in Seattle Thursday on suspicion of vehicular homicide, with bail set at $500,000. Court records show he posted bond and was released Friday night. Prosecutors must decide Monday whether to file charges in the incident.

For an earlier Kirkland Patch story on the crash, click here.


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