Kirkland Property Tax Bills Go Up, Along with King County's

The county assessor has attributed the increase to voter-approved measures in various towns and jurisdictions.

Many King County homeowners can expect to receive a higher property tax bill in the mail this month, including Kirkland residents.

Overall, 2013 property tax rates are up 3.35 percent in King County, even though total home values have dropped by 1.48 percent, according to the county tax assessor's office.

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But not all homeowners will pay more property taxes this year. Twenty-eight of 39 cities actually saw home values decrease, and many areas will end up paying less.

Kirkland homeowners will see an average tax bill increase of $153, or 4 percent, according to figures from the assessor's office. The median assessed value dropped 4.3 percent, from $346,000 in 2012 to $331,000 in 2013. But the tax rate per $1,000 of assessed value rose nearly 9 percent to $11.48.

In areas with increases, King County says much of the jump is coming from voter-approved measures. Last year, county residents passed a property tax levy to continue funding an automated fingerprint identification system for $18,528,341 and a nine-year levy for the Children and Family Justice Center for $21,908,512.

Kirkland voters last fall also approved two tax measures to pay for street and parks maintenance.

But the county says not all tax-rate jumps are due to voter measures. Home values increased in many parts of King County, including the Eastside.

“We are beginning to see a recovery in the housing market in King County,” King County Assessor Lloyd Hara said in a news release. “Though property values continue to decline in most areas, there are also a number of areas where property values are increasing, including in the city of Seattle and the Eastside.”

Property tax bills for 2013 will be mailed out on Feb. 14. Homeowners have until April 30 to pay first-half taxes; second-half bills are due Oct. 31.

•Questions about your property tax bill? See the assessor's "quick answers" page for details.

•Senior citizens can get answers about available relief programs here.

Robert L. Style February 15, 2013 at 11:04 AM
Both levy increases in Kirkland were not necessary. The money was already in the budget to fund essential services however the Council failed to do it. Money was then shifted from essential services to create a non-existent budget shortfall that the Council could spend on non-essential pet projects. The Council then used false information to justify the tax increases. The Council failed in its duties to fund essential services first. Park and road funds were used for something else. There was no shortfall in funding Parks and Roads. When it comes to raising taxes, the Council cannot be trusted to reveal the honest truth. So look out senior citizens and everyone on fixed income, your property tax increases may exceed your cost of living expenses You only got a 1.7 % increase that was rapidly eroded with the increased cost of medicare. You will be paying more because the Council was not truthful about where the money goes.. Bob Style
Kirkland parent February 17, 2013 at 05:40 PM
I did not vote for any of the levies posted on the ballet by the City of Kirkland. With the amount of new construction unfortunately occurring in Kirkland why was there a need to increase funds to improve sidewalks when building codes already require new construction to include sidewalks in the first place?
Kirkland parent February 17, 2013 at 05:44 PM
KC and City of Kirkland is taxing us right out of our homes!
King County Sucks February 18, 2013 at 04:30 PM
Just got my property tax bill for the year....up 15%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in rural King County.


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